Products & Services

Terra Vista features a full line of lease origination products and complimentary services to assist your organization in its leasing business. These products range from enterprise-wide, in-house solutions appropriate for large organizations to browser-based lease proposal worksheets that you can begin using today with no set up or installation required.

MAX Finance (Standard Edition)

MAX Finance is your complete Lease Origination solution. It combines into one easy-to-use application all of the features needed to manage the lease origination process including credit reports and scoring, document management, workflow, sophisticated pricing, and many other features.

The Standard Edition uses a database hosted by Terra Vista, which means you do not worry about servers, database setup or support personnel to maintain your system. With the Terra Vista hosted solution, you only need to download from our secure web page the MAX Finance application to your PCs. Lease information is stored on a central database server which is managed by Terra Vista and accessed by you via a secure Internet connection.

The Standard Edition of MAX Finance is perfect for small to medium leasing organizations that do not want to manage their own database server. The “transaction based” pricing for access to MAX Finance makes it a very affordable solution with minimal upfront costs.

MAX Finance (Enterprise Edition)

The Enterprise Edition of MAX Finance uses the same client software and has the same features as the Standard Edition but the database is hosted on your server. Perfect for large organizations with the in-house technical expertise needed to setup and maintain their own database and other server processes. This edition of MAX Finance offers somewhat better performance and gives you complete control of the management of your lease data.

As with the Standard Edition, pricing is “transaction based”, with very small upfront costs.

MAX Finance Online

The Online version of MAX Finance provides some of the more popular features of the Standard Edition but requires no set up or installation. MAX Finance Online can be accessed using any standard web browser.

Features include customizable rate sheets, generation of standard proposal letters, access by multiple users within a organization, account management and management reports.

Pricing is a low monthly subscription charge based on the number of users.

Online Lease Applications

Want to encourage your customers to sign up for leasing with your organization? Terra Vista can supply you with a private label Online Lease Application that will provide your customers with the means to complete a lease application on the Internet and automatically send it to you for processing.

The Online Lease Application requires a one-time setup to customize it with your logo and name. Although hosted by Terra Vista, customers access your lease application from your website. There is no charge for this service when included with any version of MAX Finance.

Web Site Hosting

If you don't have a presence on the Internet yet but want your customers to enjoy the convenience of filling out a Lease Application online, Terra Vista can set up and host your website for you. Choose from a variety of website templates to create a distinctive site from which to give your customers access to the MAX Finance Online Lease Application.

Terra Vista hosted-sites are available for a one-time setup fee and a low monthly charge.

Consulting Services

You are an expert in the field of leasing and spend a significant amount of time and effort building your business to be the best it can be. You don’t also need to be an expert in computer sciences. Terra Vista Software combines its expertise in computer hardware and software with over 25 years of leasing experience to provide you with the best software solutions and processes.

Explain your software and system requirements to our staff and we will work with you, and for you, to design and implement creative solutions. We will work with your IT staff to give you a competitive edge with both customized software solutions as well as our standard software packages.

To learn more about Terra Vista Software and Max Finance, click on the Contact Us link above.